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Cologne Brewery Tour

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Private Tour

Come and join us on a memorable authentic tour through the old town of Cologne and its famous brewhouses

This is where the inhabitants enjoy their beer, the so-called traditional Kölsch!

This tour addresses people who are seeking for interesting information about the city scattered by tastings of three different traditional beers in selected rustic brewhouses.

We start together in front of the Cologne Cathedral which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Be amazed by its greatness! Next, we go on to the Alter Markt in order to visit the brewhouses.
Let’s get in touch with the special mentality of the Cologne people who are known for their passion for carnival and for being highly open-minded and friendly.

Our tour guide shows you the right drinking patterns and explains more about the special culture of the city. The guide is also willing to provide you with his personal survival tips for Cologne so that you are perfectly prepared for your stay in the city.

Moreover, we lead you to popular spots such as the „Hennes am Dom“ as well as the „Heinzelmännchenbrunnen“ and other interesting historical sites. Cologne is not only full of great brewhouses but also of a variety of small kiosks, the so-called „Büdchen“.

The tour is providing you answers next to others to the following questions:

  • Why is „Kölsch“ much better than „Altbier“?
  • What means Köbes, Kranz, Pittermännchen and Halve Hahn?
  • What is worse than the pest and protestants?
  • How much does the Cologne Cathedral cost? We visit three of the following brewhouses:
  • Gaffel am Dom – the oldest monument at „Alter Markt“ with rustic ambiance
  • Brauhaus FRÜH – the largest brewhouse of the city
  • Brauhaus Sion – thanks to Hans Sion Kölsch is still brewed!
  • Peters Brauhaus –one of the newest breweries in Cologne
  • Brauhaus „Sünner im Walfisch“ – Sünner is known for Cologne tradition amongst beer-experts
  • Brauhaus en d’r Salzgasse – the former brewery „Zur Täsch“


  • Guided tour by a qualified tour guide through the Old Town
  • Visit of three different brewhouses with tastings of three beer (Kölsch)
  • Cultural tips for your stay in Cologne
  • Interesting historical insiderinformation about the area with the CologneCathedral and its brewhouses